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The Art of Dress Modelling


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by Lily Silberberg and Martin Shoben.

Lily Silberberg is recognised as the UK’s most highly regarded toilist.

The Art of Dress Modelling offers designers and students a wide ranging selection of clothes that are best produced by modelling on to a dress stand. Bridal dresses and their embellishment is covered within this book.

The Art of Dress Modelling book reintroduces techniques that have been lost to the modern pattern cutter. Modelling is a very commercial skill and this book offers designers, lecturers and students a wide selection of clothes that cannot be developed on CAD, but need a three-dimensional modelling approach.

The book is divided into three sections. The first section deals with modelling techniques for fourteen dress, skirt and trousers styles. The second section illustrations three wedding dresses and discusses the fabric and embellishments that went into the creation. Section three describes and illustrates skills that are needed to cut a whole range of garment styles.

Excellent book on modelling on a dress stand.I first read this book at our local library and never wanted to return it. I think its an excellent book for fashion students as it encourages one to experiment a bit more. The styles are classic,which include a dress with a handkerchief edge, the souffle skirt and believe it or not three different designs for ethnic trousers- other name is the dhoti trouser.The author encourages you to let the fabric speak to you, hence again encourages one to experiment. Block patterns are discussed and directions on how to make them up. Also corrections on toile making are discussed.I also have the video of this book and also modelling skirts, so excellent series on modelling on the dress stand. Buy the book if you can get it, I think video is only in European format, but book is just as good.



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