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Shoben Flat Pack Dress Stand


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Designed mainly for the fashion student.

Buying a dress stand is very expensive. This full size economy dress stand is an essential entry purchase for any fashion student. Fun to assemble and easy to use. Use it to practice your techniques and continue your creativity in your own home!

Made from recycled card, it is easy to construct – all that is needed is a pair of scissors and it takes about an hour.

Available in three standard sizes – Small Medium and Large

Small          Medium    Large

8/10            12/14        16/18

Bust            85.0           95.00        105.00

Waist          64.00         74.00         84.00

HIP             91.00         101.00       111.00


Dress Stand Cover sheets:

Small Medium Large


Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 64 x 43 x 2 cm

Small, Medium, Large