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Shoben Fashion Curve


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Multi-purpose Pattern Cutting Tool

The new improved version adds more essential pattern making functions to the original version. Designed by Martin Shoben to make pattern making easier, faster and more accurate.

Features include:

Measures from 0 to 50cms with a 25cms centring scale

Curves for front and back necklines, hips and style lines

Seam allowance additions from 0.7cms to 7.0cms

Curved seam allowances from 0.5cms to 1.0cm

90 degree and 45 degree lines for straight and bias cutting


“This was spoken about in my evening class and decided to purchase as the cost was not much more than the Pattern Master. love all the curves and the longer rule.”


“If you love dressmaking then this tool is an essential requirement.”

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 67 x 14 x 1 cm