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Shoben Designer Tape


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An essential for all fashion students

Used throughout the UK and Europe by all the major designers and fashion colleges, Shoben Designer Tape is 3mm wide and 25 metres length. The 1cm markings make it ideal for speeding up three dimensional style planning. This tape replaces the old fashion pins and fabric tape method and avoids damaging your dress stand

This tape has other applications, suchas marking out paintings on canvas or board, clay modelling etc

Easily removable and leaves no mark.

I love this stuff and use it with students in our dressmaking classes

Uses so far: -marking side seam so can measure body f and b for checking pattern measurements (link to my Adjust the Bust or Measure up and fit workshop) -design new neckline or armhole -creating a temporary sewing guide on anything you don’t want to mark with chalk – quicker than basting (tacking) by hand!

Benefits: -Easily removable and leaves no mark -can reuse (phew, as it’s not super cheap). Good and sticky – you could use masking tape but it’s nowhere near as sticky as this and might fall off before you get to transfer markings back to your pattern, do your adjustment etc -1cm markings to speed up style planning

K, Brighton
Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 27 x 20 x 1.5 cm